Licensure Date: March 1, 1915 (Association formed 1917)

Directory page last updated 3-1-2021

The Federation does not provide interpretation of the scope of practice laws or rules of any chiropractic licensing authority, nor can we provide specific details regarding licensing requirements.  The educational and testing requirements for each State or Province set forth in this Directory are intended as a general guide.  It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in becoming licensed in a particular State or Province contact the Board office or the Secretary of the respective board to secure current and complete details before matriculating in any school. 
Ms. Laurie Mayhan, Executive Director Brad Nye, Assistant Attorney General
For Information Contact:
101 East Capitol St, Ste 209
Little Rock, AR 72201

Web address: www.arkansas.gov/asbce
Time Zone: Central
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm; M-F
Phone: (501) 682-9015
Fax: (501) 682-9016
(Do not use FAX for applications)

Email: asbce@arkansas.gov

Orientation Dates: January, April, July, October of each year. 
Application/ Transcript Deadline: 45 days prior to Orientation
Criminal background check: Yes
Fingerprinting: Yes
Application fee: $236.25
($150 application fee, $50 orientation, $36.25 background check fee)
Term: Annually, by December 31st
License Renewal fee: $125 out-of-state; $250 in-state; $100 inactive
Students: May apply and sit for Orientation 6 months prior to graduation
Preceptor/Intern Program: Students in preceptorship / internship program through their respective Chiropractic college may practice under and Arkansas licensed D.C. so long as both student and licensee are approved by the college and by the board. (See ASBCE Rules for more information.)
Extern Program: Externs (a graduate form a chiropractic school accredited by the CCE or similar government approved organization) may assist chiropractors in the performance of those duties that are lawful and ethical including but not limited to physicals examinations, patients consultation, x-ray examination, specific chiropractic adjustment procedures and physical therapeutic approach as appropriate. Externs may not diagnose a condition nor prescribe a health care regimen, nor sign insurance forms or any other forms, which require a licensed chiropractor's signature. All duties of an extern shall be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractor. (see Ark. Code. Ann. 17-81-316 for more information on application)
Require supervised practice prior to full licensure: If no practice experience, doctor would have to be supervised  License(s) Required for Practice: Chiropractic
Optional Certification: Acupuncture
Requirements: In-state: 24 hours per year; Out-of-state: whatever that state requires, minimum 12 hours
Distance Credits Allowed: 12 hours
Program Criteria: Board pre-approved. Courses by colleges holding status with CCE. Itinerant
or for-profit courses conducted by an Assoc. approved by the Board for teaching of scientific
courses. Course work must be at a physician level. Lecturers must be recognized as having expertise in the field of study.

Requires sexual boundaries training: No
Requires AIDS awareness/risk prevention training: No
Other specific CE training required: None

CONDITIONS FOR RECIPROCITY/ENDORSEMENT: No reciprocity with other states.



Part I: Required
Part II: Required
Part III (WCCE): Required
Part IV: Required (as of 7/1/2016)
Physiotherapy: Required
Acupuncture: Accepted (with proof of 100 hours acupuncture training)
SPEC: Reciprocity/Endorsement: Does not accept
Reinstatement Lapsed License: Does not accept
Disciplinary Cases: *
Impairment Review: *



PHYSIOTHERAPY: Termed Physiological Therapeutics
Certification: Included with chiropractic license
Additional Education: 120 classroom hours of physiological therapeutics
Additional Examination: Must have NBCE Physiotherapy exam
Additional Fee: None
Min. # years pre-professional education required for licensure: High school diploma, two years of college education in the field of science not to be less than 60 semester hour credits, with minimum of 30 semester hour credits in pure sciences.
Accreditation for Chiropractic Programs/Institutions: Board approves individual schools. Must present evidence of having been graduated from a chiropractic college having status with the Accrediting Commission of CCE or similar criteria as determined by, and at the discretion of this Board. This Board adopts clinical competency guidelines similar to CCE quantitative assessment delineations. This Board may disapprove any college whose academic requirements appear to be deficient in the basic science or diagnostic fields. Students matriculating prior to 6/93 from SCASA accredited institutions will still be considered for licensure.

SUMMARY OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE: (Contact State for precise definition by state law)
  Practice of Chiropractic means the engagement in the diagnosis and analysis of and any interference with normal nerve transmission and expression, the procedure preparatory to and complementary to the correction thereof by an adjustment of the articulations of the vertebral column, its immediate articulations, or by other incidental adjustments for the restoration and maintenance of health and includes therapy, the normal regimen and rehabilitations of the patient for the purpose of removing any injury, deformity, or abnormality of human beings without the use of drugs or surgery. The Practice of Chiropractic shall not include the performance of the duties, of a mid-wife or obstetrician, therapy by the use of ionizing radiation, incisive surgery, prescribing for or administering to any person any drug to be taken internally, or puncturing the skin, except for the purpose of drawing blood for diagnostic purposes.
Board regulates specialty council certification: No
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat requirements: The performance of services in case of an emergency; The performance of services in this state on an occasiona basis, limited to thirty (30) days in each calendar year, by a chiropractor lawfully practicing chiropractic in another state or territory; Within seven (7) days prior to travel described in subdivision (2)(A) the chiropractor shall send a written notice through mail or electronic means to the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners stating at a minimum the date or dates of travel to Arkansas, who will perform the services, and where the services will be performed; A chiropractor who submits a written notice shall also provide proof of malpractice insurance.  If any such chiropractor performs services on a regular basis, or for his or her regular use maintains or is provided with any office or other place to meet persons for the performance of such services in the State of Arkansas, he or she shall obtain a license to practice chiropractic in the State of Arkansas.
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine practices: No
Licensees required to carry malpractice insurance: No
Additional legally accepted terms for chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C., Chiropractor, Chiropractic Doctor): Chiropractic Physician
Peer Review: Investigative Committee
Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistants: "Chiropractic Aide" means an unlicensed member of the chiropractic team who may assist a chiropractor physician in the performance of those procedures and techniques constituting the practice of chiropractic as defined in this chapter with the exception of spinal manipulation & adjustment, provided that such assistance shall be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractic physician.
Animal Chiropractic: 
 Per the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board exemption, any chiropractor licensed in this state and certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association is allowed to perform chiropractic upon animals.
Board handles both licensing and disciplinary functions.

Tanya Holt, D.C., President  Exp. 6/2022
Sarah Hays, D.C., Secretary  Exp. 6/2023
Harold Gunter, Consumer Member, Treasurer, Exp. 6/2023
J. Kent Moore, D.C.,  Exp. 6/2021
Michael Courtney, D.C.,  Exp. 6/2020
Jack McCoy, Consumer Member, Exp. 6/2019

Gregroy Ungerank, D.C., Exp. 6/2024

STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Total # of Licensees as of 1/07/2021


# of Active licenses: 565
# of Inactive licenses: 34

# of Other Status:  0             
(Ex: retired/deceased/terminated/emeritus...)                 
Active (out of state): 48
# of New licensees: 
# of Resident licensees: 
# of Non-Resident licensees: 43
# of Chiropractic Assistants: