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Licensure Date: 1923

**No updated information was provided by the Maine Board for the 2018 Directory**

Directory page last updated 5/12/2014

The Federation does not provide interpretation of the scope of practice laws or rules of any chiropractic licensing authority, nor can we provide specific details regarding licensing requirements.  The educational and testing requirements for each State or Province set forth in this Directory are intended as a general guide.  It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in becoming licensed in a particular State or Province contact the Board office or the Secretary of the respective board to secure current and complete details before matriculating in any school. 
For Information Contact:
Licensing Clerk, Board of Chiropractic Licensure
Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
35 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0035

Time Zone: Eastern
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; M-F
Receptionist: (207) 624-8603

E-mail Addresses:
Licensing: chiropractic.lic@maine.gov
Board: chiropractic.board@maine.gov

Web address: www.maine.gov/professionallicensing
Criminal background check: Required
Fingerprinting: No
Require NPDB/HIPDB self queries: No
Application fee: $200
Term: Annual, renew by 12/31
Initial license fee: $150 (expires 12/31)
License Renewal fee: $100 annually
Preceptor/Intern/Extern Program: Preceptorship ─ students may not practice under licensed D.C. No temporary license for graduated doctors who are not yet licensed.
Require supervised practice prior to full licensure: N/A 
License(s) Required for Practice: Chiropractic
Optional Certification: Chiropractic Acupuncture
Requirements: 48 hours per 2 year period - effective January 1, 2004, CE due on even years
Program Criteria: Conducted under postgraduate or similar division of chiropractic college with accreditation status with agency recognized by USDE, beneficial to chiropractic practice. Course content relates to chiropractic principles and practice, including diagnostic procedures, patient care and management. See Chapter 6 Board Rules for details.
Distance Credits Allowed: Up to 12 hours
Accepts uniform continuing education form:
No; form is available on the applications and forms page of the website and a fee is required per program
Other specific CE training required:
Yes, chiropractic acupuncture certificate requires 12 hours of CEU per 2 year period, CE due on even years
Requires sexual boundaries training: No
Requires AIDS awareness/risk prevention training: No

Must provide all of the requirements on the application form. Applicants must provide the standards for the applicants original licensure in a state where the applicant is currently licensed. Must obtain the laws and rules in that state.
Part I: Required
Part II: Required
Part III (WCCE): Required
Part IV: Required
Physiotherapy: Required
Note: 75% passing score
Acupuncture: No information
SPEC: Reciprocity/Endorsement: Not planning to use
Reinstatement Lapsed License: Not planning to use
Disciplinary Cases: Can use now
Impairment Review: Not planning to use
PHYSIOTHERAPY: Termed Physiological Therapeutics
Certification: Included in chiropractic license
Additional Education: No specific requirements

Additional Examination: Must pass National exam
Additional Fee: None

Min. # years pre-professional education required for licensure: Two years, including English and biology. No requirement for 4-year degree planned.
Accreditation for Chiropractic Programs/Institutions: Council on Chiropractic Education, or agency with equal standards of accreditation recognized by the U.S.D.E. or Chiropractic Board.

SUMMARY OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE: (Contact State for precise definition by state law)
"Chiropractic" means the art and science of identification and correction of subluxation and the accompanying physiological or mechanical abnormalities. The term subluxation, as utilized within the chiropractic health care system, means a structural or functional impairment of an intact articular unit. Chiropractic recognizes the inherent recuperative capability of the human body as it relates to the spinal column, musculoskeletal and nervous system. Doctors of Chiropractic are health care providers functioning within their scope of practice as provided by this chapter. Chiropractic methodologies utilized for the identification or correction of subluxation and the accompanying physiological or mechanical abnormalities include diagnostic, therapeutic, adjustive or manipulative techniques utilized within the chiropractic profession, excluding prescriptive medication or surgery. See new board rules for precise description of "Chiropractic Adjustive/Manipulative Technique".

Board regulates specialty council certification: No
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat requirements: No
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine practices: No
Licensees required to carry malpractice insurance: No
Additional legally accepted terms for chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C., Chiropractor, Chiropractic Doctor): Terms listed
Peer Review: Handled by state chiropractic association committee
Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistants: Law requires training and passing exam before being certified by the state. $71 license fee.  

Board handles both licensing and disciplinary functions.

Paul Morin, D.C, Chair
Moshe Myerowitz, D.C., Vice Chair
Robert Lynch, D.C.

Chandra Sasseville, D.C.
Joseph Kerwin, D.C.
Linda Boyle, Public Member

STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Total # of Licensees as of 5/7/2014: 
# of Active licenses: 384
# of Inactive licenses: 
# of Other Status:
(Ex: retired/deceased/

# of Acupuncture Authority:  39
# of Chiropractic Assistants:  121
# of Temporary Chiro Assistants: 43 

# of New Licensees: 
# of Resident licenses:
# of Non-Resident licenses:   
# of Chiropractic Assistants:     


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