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Licensure Date: N/A

Directory page last updated 7/24/2018

The Federation does not provide interpretation of the scope of practice laws or rules of any chiropractic licensing authority, nor can we provide specific details regarding licensing requirements.  The educational and testing requirements for each State or Province set forth in this Directory are intended as a general guide.  It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in becoming licensed in a particular State or Province contact the Board office or the Secretary of the respective board to secure current and complete details before matriculating in any school. 
Karalee Oldenkamp, D.C., Executive Director
Lisa Logsdon, Executive Secretary
For Information Contact:
209 South Green Street - zip 42141
P.O. Box 183
Glasgow, KY 42142-0183

Time Zone: Central
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm; M-F
Phone: (270) 651-2522
Fax: (270) 651-8784
(Do not use FAX for applications)

Email: kychiro@glasgow-ky.com

Web address: www.kbce.ky.gov

Exam Dates: n/a
Application/ Transcript Deadline: prior to issuance of license
Criminal background check: No
Fingerprinting: No
Application fee: $350
Term: Annual, renew March 1
Initial license fee: Included in application fee
License Renewal fee: $250 Active; $75 Inactive
Preceptor/Intern/Extern Program: Students in preceptorship program may practice under licensed D.C. However intern may not make final diagnosis or perform an adjustment. No temporary licenses.
Require supervised practice prior to full licensure: Practice not allowed until fully licensed
License(s) Required for Practice: Chiropractic
Optional Certification: X-ray, orthopedics
Requirements: 12 hours per year over at least two days, (of which 6 hours must be taken within the State of Kentucky).  All first-year applicants must take 2 hours Kentucky Jurisprudence course prior to first renewal.
Program Criteria: Sponsored by any CCE chiropractic college or any state or national chartered organization of chiropractors. Program must be of clinical benefit to Kentucky chiropractors.
Distance Credits Allowed: None                                             
Requires sexual boundaries training: No                                  Requires AIDS awareness/risk prevention training: No                                                                                                                         

Other specific CE training required: For Peer Review Registration ONLY -- an additional 6 hours annually in “Utilization Review” taken in KY. For initial registration for Peer Review a minimum of 100 hours of Utilization Review is required.

No longer available
Part I: Required
Part II: Required
Part III (WCCE): Required
Part IV: Required
Physiotherapy: Under consideration
Acupuncture: Not accepted
SPEC: Reciprocity/Endorsement: No
Reinstatement Lapsed License: At the discretion of the board
Disciplinary Cases: Yes
Impairment Review: Not planning to use
PHYSIOTHERAPY: Termed Adjunctive Treatment
Certification: Included in chiropractic license
Additional Education:
Must have received training from CCE accredited chiropractic college to use.
Additional Examination: None
Additional Fee: None

Min. # years pre-professional education required for licensure: 60 semester hours. Requirement for 4-year degree is under consideration.
Accreditation for Chiropractic Programs/Institutions: Council on Chiropractic Education (school must be fully accredited at the time of the applicant's graduation)

SUMMARY OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE: (Contact State for precise definition by state law)
Doctor of Chiropractic means one qualified by experience and training and licensed by the Board to diagnose his patients and to treat those of his patients diagnosed as having diseases or disorders relating to subluxations of the articulations of the human spine and its adjacent tissues by indicated adjustments or manipulation of those subluxations and by applying methods of treatments designed to augment those adjustments or manipulation. Any person licensed under this chapter may sign death certificates, and sign and execute all legal documents and certificates with the same authority as members of other schools or systems of treatment.

Board regulates specialty council certification: Kentucky law recognizes only two specialties: Chiropractic Orthopedics & Chiropractic Roentgenology - must be certified by board; however, additional specialties are being considered.
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat requirements: No
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine practices: No
Licensees required to carry malpractice insurance: No
Additional legally accepted terms for chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C., Chiropractor, Chiropractic Doctor): Terms listed above (Dr. cannot be used without identifying type of degree)
Peer Review: Committee appointed by Board. Refer to board for details. (Specific regulations apply to persons performing peer review of Kentucky chiropractic claims.)
Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistants: No current or planned regulation

Board handles both licensing and disciplinary functions.
Jeffery T. Smith, D.C., President, 1104 North Main Street, Monticello  42633,   Exp. 3/29/2019
Terri Byers-Abston, D.C., 105 N Lyndon Lane, Ste 102, Louisville 40222 Exp 3/2018
Jaclyn Kelly Cooper Henson, D.C., 557 Mt. Olive Creek Road, Russell Springs  42642   Exp. 10/6/2020
James H. England, D.C., 13984 US Hwy 41, South Robards  42452,   Exp. 10/6/2020
Chad Henderson, D.C., 288 Whisper Woods Drive, Somerset  42503,   Exp. 10/6/2020

STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Total # of Licensees as of 12/11/2017: 
# of Active licenses: 898
# of Inactive licenses: 160
# of Other Status:  7 deceased; 21 revoked; 22 retired; 3 suspended
(Ex: retired/deceased/terminated/emeritus...)          

# of New licensees: 39 (in 2017)    
# of Resident licenses: 
# of Non-Resident licenses: 
# of Chiropractic Assistants:  n/a


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