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Licensure Date: 1921

Directory page last updated 9/11/2017

The Federation does not provide interpretation of the scope of practice laws or rules of any chiropractic licensing authority, nor can we provide specific details regarding licensing requirements.  The educational and testing requirements for each State or Province set forth in this Directory are intended as a general guide.  It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in becoming licensed in a particular State or Province contact the Board office or the Secretary of the respective board to secure current and complete details before matriculating in any school. 
Susan Reynolds, Board Executive
Vacant , Office Secretary
For Information Contact:
Iowa Board of Chiropractic
Department of Public Health
Lucas State Office Building, 5th Floor
321 E. 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075

Web address:
Phone: (515) 281-4287
Fax: (515) 281-3121
(Do not use FAX for applications)


Time Zone: Central

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm; M-F
Exam Dates: No exams. Board accepts NBCE Parts I, II, III, IV, & Physiotherapy
Criminal background check: No
Fingerprinting: No
Term: Biennial, expires June 30 even-numbered years
Initial license fee: $270 (to pay, go online to
License Renewal fee: $120
Preceptor/Intern/Extern Program: Students may practice under licensed D.C. on a very limited basis ─ see Iowa law Sec. 645-42.3 - 645-42.6
Require supervised practice prior to full licensure: No
License(s) Required for Practice: Chiropractic 
Optional Certification: Temporary Certificate available in limited cases under specific criteria.
Requirements: 60 hours biennially; Continuing education hours of credit shall be obtained by completing: (1) at least 36 hours of continuing education credit obtained from a program that directly relates to clinical case management of chiropractic patients. Beginning with the July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014 renewal cycle, on-line instruction may qualify for "live" continuing education credit if provided by a Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE)-accredited chiropractic college in the United States, the Iowa Chiropractic Society, the American Chiropractic Association, or the International Chiropractors Association or if certified by the Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE) through the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB). The remaining 12 hours may be obtained by independent study, including any on-line instruction. Beginning with the July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016 renewal cycle, at least 20 of these hours shall be earned by completing a program in which an instructor conducts the class employing a traditional in-person, classroom-type presentation and the licensee is in attendance in the same room as that instructor. The remaining 16 hours of continuing education credit relating to clinical case management of chiropractic patients may be obtained by independent study, including any on-line instruction, that complies with conditions specified in 645-44.1(151). (2) A minimum of two hours per biennium in professional boundaries regarding ethical issues related to professional conduct that may include but are not limited to sexual harassment, sensitivity training and ethics. (3) Starting with the 2006 renewal cycle, a minimum of 12 hours per biennium of continuing education in the field of acupuncture if the chiropractic physician is engaged in the practice of acupuncture. Continuing education hours in the field of acupuncture earned between December 31, 2003 and June 30, 2004, up to a maximum of 12 hours may be used to satisfy licensure renewal requirements for either the 2004 or 2006 renewal cycle. The licensee may use the earned continuing education credit hours only once. Credit can not be duplicated for both the 2004 and 2006 compliance periods. (4) Classes on child abuse and dependent adult abuse that meet the criteria in subrule 44.3(1)
44.3(1). (5) Two hours of continuing education credit at the time of the first biennial renewal period and one hour every biennial renewal period after that in the content areas of Iowa Administrative Code, 645--Chapters 40 through 46 and Iowa Code Chapter 151.

Distance Credits Allowed: *
Program Criteria: Programs must contribute to professional competency of licensee, pertain to subject matter specific to professional practice, conducted by qualified individuals. See Sec. 44.3.
Board accepts the uniform continuing education form: No
Board requires sexual boundaries training: Yes
Board requires AIDS awareness / risk prevention training: No
Other special areas of specific CE training required: Mandatory reporting training every 5 years; 12 hours of acupuncture if engaged in the practice of acupuncture; and Iowa laws & rules (2 hours first renewal, 1 hour each year after)

No reciprocity accepted. Endorsement: (1) Transcript and notarized copy of diploma from a board-approved chiropractic school; (2) Completion of National Boards; (3) Verification of licensure from every state in which applicant has practiced. Contact Board for additional requirements.
Part I: Required
Part II: Required
Part III (WCCE): Required
Part IV: Required
Physiotherapy: Required
Acupuncture: Not required (a certification examination is required)
SPEC: Reciprocity/Endorsement: May be required (see 41.6)
Reinstatement of Lapsed License: Required if license has been on inactive status for more than five years
Disciplinary Cases: Case-by-case basis
Impairment Review: Case-by-case basis
PHYSIOTHERAPY: Termed Physiotherapy
Certification: Included in chiropractic license
Additional Education: Education must include 120 hours of physiotherapy

Additional Examination: NBCE Certification exam
Additional Fee: None

Min. # years pre-professional education required for licensure: None required
Accreditation for Chiropractic Programs/Institutions: CCE accredited colleges
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATES OF FOREIGN COLLEGES: Equivalency evaluation of education credentials. Contact Board for specific information.

SUMMARY OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE: (Contact State for precise definition by state law)
Persons who treat human ailments by the adjustment of the neuromusculoskeletal structures, primarily, by hand or instrument, through spinal care. Persons utilizing differential diagnosis and procedures related thereto, withdrawing or ordering the withdrawal of the patient's blood for diagnostic purposes, performing or utilizing routine laboratory tests, performing physical examinations, rendering nutritional advice, utilizing chiropractic physiotherapy procedures.
Board regulates specialty council certification: No
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat requirements: Only as allowed by law under section 151.12 of Iowa Code. One-year temporary certificate required.
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine practices: Only as allowed by law under sections 151.2 or 151.12 of Iowa Code.
Licensees required to carry malpractice insurance: No
Additional legally accepted terms for chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C., Chiropractor, Chiropractic Doctor): Chiropractic Physician
Peer Review: Handled by separate committee per 645 - IAC 9.6
Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistants: Requirements of this rule became effective July 1, 2009. Contact board for specific information.
Chiropractors defined as Primary Care Physicians: Not within Board code.

Board handles both licensing and disciplinary functions.
Rex Jones, D.C., Chair, 2526 Hwy 18 East, Spencer 51301 Exp. 2017
Aaron Martin, D.C., Vice-Chair, 1710 W 1st St, Ankeny 50023 Exp. 2018
Nancy Kahle, D.C., 3200 16th Ave SW, Ste I, Cedar Rapids 52404 Exp. 2017
Jason Wall, D.C., 120 1st Ave W, Dyersville  52040   Exp. 2019
Randall Stange, D.C., 721 8th St. SE, Orange City  51041  Exp. 2018
Lorraine May, Public Member, 331 28th St, Des Moines 50312 Exp. 2017
Stephanie Netolicky, Public Member, 9244 NW 16th St, Ankeny  50023  Exp. 2018

STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Total # of Licensees as of 12/30/2016: 
# of Active licenses: 1,789
# of Inactive licenses: 3,260

# of Other Status:
(Ex: retired/deceased/terminated/emeritus...)

# of New Licensees:  101
# of International Licenses: 3
# of Resident Licenses: 1,616
# of  Non-Resident licenses: 170
# of Chiropractic Assistants:

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