(Includes Illinois Medical Licensing Board and Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board)

Licensure Date: 1899; Licensed under medical act with all other health professions
1904; First chiropractor, Dr. Minora Paxton, licensed as "other provider"

Directory page last updated 3-1-2021

Todd Robertson, Board Liaison Munaza Aman, General Counsel
For Information Contact:
Illinois Dept. Of Financial & Professional Regulation
Division of Professional Regulation
320 W. Washington, Third Floor
Springfield, IL 62786
Phone: (800) 560-6420
Fax: (217) 524-2169 (Do not use FAX for applications)

Email: FPR.medicalunit@illinois.gov
Time Zone: Central
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm; M-F
Web address: www.idfpr.com
Exam Dates: Passage of National Boards is required
Application/ Transcript Deadline: n/a
Criminal background check: Yes
Fingerprinting: Yes
Exam fee: n/a
Term: Triennial
Initial license fee: $500
License Renewal fee: $543
Students: May apply for license prior to graduating
Preceptor/Intern/Extern Program: n/a
License(s) Required for Practice: Chiropractic
Optional Certification: n/a 
Require supervised practice prior to full licensure: n/a  
Requirements: CME is mandated, 150 hours every 3 years
Distance Credits Allowed: no limit
Accepts uniform continuing education form: No
Requires sexual boundaries training: 1 hour of CE required on sexual 
harassment prevention training.
Requires AIDS awareness/risk prevention training: No
Other specific CE training required: None

CONDITIONS FOR ENDORSEMENT: Applicant must be a graduate of a chiropractic school or college approved by the Department at the time of their graduation; the requirements for the applicant's license to practice the treatment of human ailments without the use of drugs are deemed by the Department to have been substantially equivalent to the requirements for a license to practice in this State at the date of the applicant's license; must be currently licensed in another state, territory, country or province. Must have passed Parts I, II, III and IV.


Part I: Required
Part II: Required
Part III (WCCE): Required
Part IV: Required
Physiotherapy: Not required
Acupuncture: Not accepted
SPEC: Endorsement: Not used
Reinstatement of Lapsed License: A licensee seeking reinstatement of a license which has expired or been placed on inactive status for three or more years and has not maintained an active practice in another jurisdiction may take the SPEC
Disciplinary Cases: Can use now
Impairment Review: Can use now


PHYSIOTHERAPY: No information provided by state
Min. # years pre-professional education required for licensure: For an applicant who is a graduate of a United States chiropractic college after August 19, 1981, the college of the applicant must be fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education or its successor at the time of graduation.  Our Act requires completion of a 2 year course of instruction in a liberal arts college or its equivalent prior to a course of instruction in a chiropractic college. No requirement for 4-year degree planned.
Accreditation for Chiropractic Programs/Institutions: All chiropractic colleges fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council of Chiropractic Education or its successor at the time of graduation have met the minimum standards.

REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATES OF FOREIGN COLLEGES: An applicant who is a graduate of a chiropractic college in another country that is not fully accredited in accordance with Section 11 (B) of the Medical Practice Act must complete at least two additional academic years of study in the clinical sciences pursuant to 68 Illinois Administrative Code 1285.30 (b).
SUMMARY OF SCOPE OF PRACTICE: (Contact State for precise definition by state law)
The treatment of human ailments without the use of drugs and without operative surgery, pursuant to the Medical Practice Act (225 ILCS 60/).
Board regulates specialty council certification: No
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat requirements: No
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine practices: No
Licensees required to carry malpractice insurance: No
Additional legally accepted terms for chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C., Chiropractor, Chiropractic Doctor): Chiropractic Physician
Peer Review: No information available
Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistants: No current or planned regulation 
Licensing and disciplinary functions are handled by separate boards.
State Medical Licensing Board
Douglas G. Matzner D.C., Chairperson
Maria Laporta, M.D. Vice-Chairperson
Jeffrey L. Apfelbaum, M.D.
Phillip Dray, M.D.
Constance A. Marks, M.D.
Nicholas G. Parise, D.O.
Maria Laporta, M.D. Vice-Chairperson
Craig Niederberger, M.D., 

Todd Robertson, Board Liaison

Munaza Aman, General Counsel
State Medical Disciplinary Board
Amy Derick, M.D., Chairperson
Sreenivas G. Reddy, M.D. Vice-Chair
Darren D. Hancock D.C. 
Shami Goyal, M.D. 
Karen O'Mara, D.O.
Peter M.C. Hoffmann, M.D.
Umang S Patel, M.D.
Aja Carr-Favors J.D., Public Member
Caroline Moellering, Public Member

STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Total # of Licensees as of 2/8/2021: 


# of Active licenses: 3,947
# of Inactive licenses: 
# of Other Status:
(Ex: retired/deceased/terminated/emeritus...)

# of New licensees: 
# of Resident licenses: 
# of Non-Resident licenses:   
# of Chiropractic Assistants: