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"In North America there is a minimum of six years full time university-level education, which includes two years of university credits in qualifying subjects and then a four year undergraduate program at chiropractic college. This is followed by national and state/provincial licensing board examinations. Postgraduate specialties include chiropractic sciences, neurology, nutrition, orthopedics, radiology, rehabilitation and sports chiropractic…CCE requirements include a minimum of two years of undergraduate college education with a grade of C (a 2.5 grade point) or better in specified subjects--biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, psychology, English/communication and the humanities (CCE 1995).

Entrance standards are also influenced by licensing board requirements…

In fact, chiropractic colleges generally exceed CCE requirements. In the US, according to a study published in 1997: (1) the cumulative grade point average for all colleges was 2.90; (2) 42.2% of all applicants accepted had a bachelor's degree on entrance…" (Chapter 4 Education and Licensure)

(Source: The Chiropractic Profession, 1999 - David Chapman-Smith / WFC)